Rim to Rim to Rim Challenge for AFF & DAREF

Nikolas Oman

Hello Everyone!

Nikolas Oman was born in Redwood Falls, MN and joined the MN Army National Guard in 2004.  Nik was deployed to Iraq in 2009-2010.  He is married to MIndy and have a daughter together named Emma.  Nik is graduated from Minnesota State University-Mankato with a B.S. in Law Enforcement and a minor in Political Science.  He is currently working on an online M.A. Homeland Security from the American Military University.  

This first started as a fun trip to the Grand Canyon, but now, the trip has been deemed a challenge to raise money for the Armed Forces Foundation and Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation!  Thank you for supporting the team and helping us raise money and awareness!  Godspeed


Jake Jandro

Jake Jandro was born in Faribault, MN and met Nik at Riverland Community College in 2005.  Jake is married to Beth Jandro and currently live in Northern Wisconsin.  Jake works as an EMT in Hayward, WI.  Jake has an Associates degree in Law Enforcement from Riverland Community College and has been living in the wild since 1994.  

Jake initially heard of the R2R2R and challenged Nik to conquer it with him. 

Jake Coleson

Jake Coleson is an EMT with Jake Jandro in Hayward, WI.